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(1930 - 2013)

Like a ravaged cat, Frank has lived through as many episodes in his 82 year life.  He remembers last year when he survived through a  50-50 chance of more physical life or passing to the spiritual existence while he lay on the surgery table with 15 tubes inserted in his body and a wad of plug-ins resembling an evergreen tree perched over his right shoulder near the neck for immediate survival.  Frank had open heart surgery to remove a constricting heart sac (a very rare operation).  Many friends and church members were in constant prayer and good thoughts for the whole 17 day stay in the hospital.  God is good!  Frank is still physically around after one year since surgery. 
His wife, Sharon, of 18 years and daughter, Carolyn, of 59 years were constant visitors in ICU and progressively better departments of recovery in the hospital.  Daughter Carolyn is a grandmother of 6 years and a like number of years as a flight attendant.  Carolyn wanted to be an attendant (stewardess as they used to call it) since in her early twenties.  At age 50 or so, the flight industry decided on more seasoned women for that job.
Frank's  2 other wives perished from cancer.  One of colon, the other of breast. The first marriage with Len (short for Leonard her maiden name) was 23 years.  The second, with Marge,  was 19 years exactly.  Marge passed on their anniversary.
Frank and his first wife were together for the 20 years he was enlisted in the US Air Force.   Several places they called “home”.  California, Colorado, Alaska, Texas, South Dakota, Alaska, Alaska, Alaska.  Why Alaska?  The whole family was able to go together.  There were no separations.  And that was called an overseas tour which was a requirement.  Stateside tours, Overseas Tours.  They survived the Great Alaska Earthquake of Good Friday 1964  and in 1963 Kennedy' assassination.  Frank retired from the Air Force in 1970 after 20 years service and filled the newly designed position called Staff Accountant for the City of Anchorage.  In 1974 Len had an operation for gall bladder which was aborted because her liver was 75% cancerous and had to have some of her colon removed.  Frank and Len moved to California for cancer treatment (Chemo) and palliative treatments to follow.  After Len's surgery Frank was notified that Len had 3 weeks to live.  While in California, she lived 4 months. Len's sister-in law, Carolyn, introduced Frank to Marge, his second wife to be, about 6 months after Len's passing.
Meeting Marge, Frank's second wife to be was bitter sweet.  Marge was compassionate while Frank cried over his first wife.  Frank had lost 30 pounds by eating only one meal daily. Marge put the pounds back on him with her great cooking and Frank and Marge were married two months later.  Marge was instrumental in bringing Frank into obedience to Christ.  He had previously accepted Christ for his personal Saviour as many preach is the way to Christianity.  Marge showed him the passages in the Bible that contradict this way of thinking.  Acts 2:38 is the way to qualify to enter into Christianity.  That is the way that Christ accepts us,  not that we accept  Him.  After Marge's passing, Frank went to Oklahoma where he met his third wife, Sharon, at church services.         Frank and Sharon have been married for 18 years.
       Now to move on to Cabbages and Kings.........
   Frank was born in Shanghai China in 1930.  His dad, Francis, was 55 then.  Francis was born in Chicago in 1875.  His dad, Hermann, was born near Austria.  Francis' wife, Helen, was born in Seoul Korea of Japanese decent.   Francis lived in Shanghai as an architect for 18 years. Francis, Helen, and Frank were attacked by the Japanese in Shanghai in 1937 as the Japanese parachutes came down with the bombs falling and machine gun emplacements were established on both ends of the bridges.   Helen had to stay in China because she was not a US Citizen. Frank was a Citizen of US by birth to an American Father.  Francis and Frank were refugees via auspices of the Red Cross and entered the US through British Columbia then headed toCalifornia.
Francis and Frank stayed in Los Angeles for 4 years and listened to Franklin Roosevelt on the radio along with the LoneRanger,  FibberMcGee and Molly,  I love a Mystery, the Shadow Knows,  etc,  etc...   Francis died of Parkingsons's disease in a rest home in California.  His son, Frank went to a boys school in Gardena for 7 years,  then joined the air force. When Frank joined the force he weighed 128 pounds, 5' 8”. Six weeks later after eating mess hall food, he weighed 147 pounds. The uniforms issued at entrance were too tight so had to be replaced.
Nine Lives?   Let's see now.....Bombs in China.  Earthquake in Alaska magnitude 9.3.  Aftershock one week later 7.5.  First wife died 1974.  Second wife died in 1994.  Surgery 2011........Now, a very happy and relatively healthy life with Sharon.  All three wives were born in Oklahoma. East, West, and Central Oklahoma. Len in the East in Wagoner, near McAllister.   Marge in the West near Sayre.  And gorgeous Sharon in Carnegie, Central.  All 3 have been in California where Frank grew up.  Frank met Len in Denver, Marge in California, and Sharon in Oklahoma

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C. K. Henry Building; Also known as the Henry Building (1909) is located at 309 SW Fourth Avenue, corner of SW Oak Street and SW Fourth Avenue Portland, Oregon.
The architect, builder, or engineer:
Francis J. Berndt. Architectural style: Chicago.

In U.S. National Registry of Historic Places
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